Weight Loss

The first question everybody asks is ‘So does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?’

lose weighHere is a recent clients experience after just 1 session …

“My session with john really opened my eyes to what I need to do to achieve my goals, I’ve come out the session with a new way of thinking about not only food but myself also. I will achieve my goals, no food is bad food, I’m not dieting just eating healthily and I’m more conscious each time food passes my lips. In my first week since seeing John I have lost a whopping 4lbs! I’m so chuffed and will def be returning to keep up the momentum. I’d like to thank John for his patience and would recommend him to anyone stuck with losing weight on a diet.” *

-L, Crowborough, East Sussex

So the next question most people ask is “Why do we find it hard to stick to a diet, or maintain a reasonable exercise plan?”

The answer is hidden in this little known law which affects almost every aspect of our life.


What does that mean if you’re trying to diet?

The will fails, the imagination wins and the weight stays on.

weight 1
BUT if the imagination, (or put another way, the person’s internal image of themselves), can be re-aligned to support the will then the conflict disappears.

Weight 2
The will and imagination are aligned, good food choices are made and the weight ‘falls off’.

In a similar way if any thoughts or feelings which makes exercise feel unappealing could somehow be changed to support the desire or will to exercises, then again the conflict disappears and the thought of going to the gym, or taking the stairs rather than the lift, starts to feel ‘good’, or ‘easy’.

So what can you do?

My tailored hypnotherapy weight loss package provides a gentle and effective way to help you change the way you think about food, exercise and nutrition. It will remove limiting thoughts and feelings which stop you from achieving your goals and give you a new inner identity which aligns your will and imagination, giving you the drive and motivation to meet and exceed your own targets and maintain the shape you really want.

This weight loss plan is not an off the shelf generic plan you can buy on a CD. As everybody is different my weight loss plan is structured and tailored specifically for each individual, because after all your lifestyle and eating habits are very much specific to you, and your weight loss plan should be the same.

And to make it even easier ….

fireplaceYou don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. My weight loss sessions can be delivered directly to you via Skype. So forget the need to visit me at my therapy centre, instead enjoy all the benefits of achieving the look and shape you want without any of the hassle.

So what are you waiting for … Change your life today, free yourself of any limitations, get the shape you really want, and feel good doing it. Forget expensive diet plans, gimmicks and fads. Instead enjoy a new lifestyle that gets you the weight and physique you want, and then maintains it.

Call today to book your session and begin your new, positive relationship with food, nutrition and exercise. Also, when you book my 3 step weight loss plan you can enjoy a fantastic 50% reduction in the cost of the final session.

So what have you got to lose, call today on 07921 169234 and start your new life.

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