Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are gentle, efficient and effective tools that can literally  ‘change your life’ for the better.

Taking some common examples, hypnosis can remove undesired habits, such as smoking, by changing your mind-set to start thinking, feeling and behaving as a non-smoker.

In a similar way hypnotherapy can be very successful at helping in areas such as weight loss by changing your view of food, and helping you look at your eating habits in an entirely different light, helping you make better choices and feeling good about it.


This approach is not limited to just changing habits, but can be used for a range of phobias and fears (fear of flying, spiders etc.), management of chronic pain, as well as emotional, confidence and self-worth issues.

In fact, hypnotherapy can be beneficial for a very wide range of problems. Here are some further examples of the areas where hypnotherapy can provide a gentle and effective treatment that can set you free.



Fears and Phobias


Pain Relief

Stop Smoking

Self Esteem


Weight Loss  ….. 

      My 3 Step Weight Loss Plan 

So what have you got to lose … call today to arrange a free consultation.

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