A few reviews & emails from recent clients…

“Just a brief update John. I have noticed more changes in ***** . He wants to go out and do more. He even wants to go up the pub with me which he didn’t before. ! He seems much more happy and relaxed. He has developed a voracious appetite. He generally wants to live a fuller life and try new things. I am so happy with his progress. Thanks again.” *

G – Crowborough (Clients Father)


“Hi John, just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the outcome of my hypnotherapy session with you. As you know, I get very anxious when having to drive any long distance as I am always worrying about being too tired and need to sleep well the night before. Consequently I spend the whole night before the trip not sleeping! I usually start to get anxious about a week before, but a couple of weeks ago I had to drive to Berkshire which was going to be a couple of hours drive away. I can honestly say that I didn’t have any anxiety at the beginning of that week and also the night before my trip I slept perfectly well. Such a result as it now frees me up to go to other places! Thank you so much.” *

Tina – East Sussex


“My session with john really opened my eyes to what I need to do to achieve my goals, I’ve come out the session with a new way of thinking about not only food but myself also. I will achieve my goals, no food is bad food, I’m not dieting just eating healthily and I’m more conscious each time food passes my lips. In my first week since seeing John I have lost a whopping 4lbs! I’m so chuffed and will def be returning to keep up the momentum. I’d like to thank John for his patience and would recommend him to anyone stuck with losing weight on a diet.” *

-L, Crowborough, East Sussex


“Before I couldn’t leave my house on any occasion without having at least 4-5 visits to my bathroom which made me feel that I never looked forward to going out. This is something that I have suffered with since a small child and am now in my 60s and recently I started to feel that I may be heading towards panic attacks whilst out which prompted me to make a call to John Griffiths.

 After seeing John I can now go out without constantly feeling anxious and my stomach now feels very calm. I can now tell myself ‘I will be fine’ and believe it instead of ‘I need to get home’.

 I have only had one consultation with John and cannot believe the change in how I feel about everything. My big question now is why didn’t I do this earlier in my life? I would urge anyone to give it a try as you have nothing to lose but everything to gain – it may change your life.” *

-L, East Sussex


“I visited John for hypnosis for anxiety. He was recommended by a friend who he had previously helped with the therapy.
John made me feel at ease immediately, he took time to talk to me about how I feel and the concerns I had. The therapy itself was deeply relaxing and the results have been amazing! With in a week of my first session I felt more at ease in myself and was able to manage different situations that before I had the therapy would of caused me real anxiety.
I would highly recommend John, he is very professional and makes you feel comfortable and supported through out the whole process.” *

 -A, Uckfield


I suffer from dyskineasea which means my body is involuntarily thrown about and leaves me feeling very nauseous.

My last resort was to try hypnotherapy but it’s not easy to put yourself into the hands of a complete stranger.

The minute I met John I felt I would be safe in his hands.  He listened and then gently put me into a trancelike state.  I was so happy and relaxed.

Oh, I should tell you I have not felt nauseous once since.

He has and I hope will continue to help me with other things too – all as successfully.

He has the ability to deal sensitively with the young and old. My grandson has been cured of travel sickness and when I checked whether John had been successful my teenage grandson looked surprised and  said he hadn’t even thought about it as John had told him not to.  Yes he hasn’t had a problem since.

I could say so much more about this very caring gentle man but I will finish by urging you not to suffer another minute – put yourself in the safe hands of John and start living your life. *

– Elizabeth, Crowborough


“I was recently hypnotised by John. Have to say that although previously sceptical, I did go into this really wanting it to work. John put me in what I can only describe as a trance like state. Although I could hear, I felt very relaxed, so much so, I wanted to stay like it! Some two and a half weeks later, I have realised that this works, really works! It’s not a conscious thing, but I have not experienced the knotted feelings I had on a daily basis since I was hypnotised. I don’t know how it works, but trust me – it does! Absolutely recommend you try this.

Thanks John x” *

– Karen, Maidstone


I went to see John to help with my stress levels due to a busy and hectic lifestyle. I found the session very helpful indeed and instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. I have managed to control my stress levels with the help of this hypnosis” *

– C, Tunbridge Wells


“Even although I was very familiar with hypnosis and open to the concept of ‘other lives’, a part of me still remained a bit sceptical, until I experienced a Past Life Regression for myself. To say that it was a life changing moment is an understatement. As a result of that session so many things that I feared and struggled with have gone, and my life has improved beyond measure. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John Griffiths to sensitively and skillfully guide you on what will be fascinating journey of discovery.” *

– Theresa Kelly. Hypnotherapist & EFT Practitioner. 1 Harley Street. London.


“After years of being affected with anxiety and it impacting my professional and personal life I was offered the opportunity of a session with John. The impact this has had on my life has been life changing. With situations happening since the therapy that would of thrown the old me into meltdown, I am now able to cope with anything that comes my way and the way I look at life and myself has completely changed.

If you have the chance or are having doubts about the service that John provides, then don’t! Take the leap of faith and start improving yourself now.

I can’t thank John enough for the improvement that he has made to me in such a short space of time after struggling on my own with it for years.” *

– Tim, Hastings


*Disclaimer: results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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