Fears and Phobias

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy could help you successfully deal with a wide range of fears and phobias, to regain confidence in whichever area you choose.

Through hypnotherapy many, many people resolve all sorts of fears, from simply feeling ‘slightly nervous’ to full-blown panic attacks. Whatever your particular fear, there is a way for you to resolve it and I can help you do that. These are some of the most common fears and phobias we deal with.

Fear of Flying

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Heights

Fear of Blood

Fear of Dentist

Fear of Hospitals

Fear of Vomiting

Fear of Eating

Fear of Intimacy

Fear of Rejection

…and many more.

The list is not exhaustive and if you want further information about how I can help you personally, please e-mail me privately and confidentially at john.hypnotherapy@btinternet.com

Or if you would like to get on with sorting it out please call me on 07921 169234 to book your appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

John Griffiths

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