Boost your Self-Confidence with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

If you suffer with a lack of confidence or low self-esteem in certain areas of your life, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy coould help you enormously.

All confidence and self-esteem issues arise because of the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself – in your own eyes and in the eyes of others.

Owing to the computer-like way your mind processes information, you may find yourself thinking and feeling nowadays in the same way you have done since childhood, for example.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can set you free from this pattern of behaviour by undoing the programming that has taken root within your mind. Underneath your layers of doubt and insecurity is the real you – one who can feel happy, relaxed and in control in all situations and in any company.

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy can help you peel back the layers so that your natural confidence and self-esteem begins to flourish. When this happens you will find that things you used to find difficult, will begin to seem easy and achievable.

In fact in most cases, although it may seem inconceivable to you right now, you may even begin to forget you ever had a problem in the first place.

All confidence and self-esteem issues involve helping you begin to feel more comfortable just being yourself and as you do this, you will feel happier, lighter and more free to get on with your life.

If you would like to explain your needs in more detail, please send an email to

Or if you would like to get on with sorting it out please call me on 07921 169234 to book your appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,John Griffiths

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