About Me

Hi, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is John and I’m a fully qualified hypnotherapist, holding a diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis.

Since 2003 I’ve been living in Crowborough, East Sussex along with my wife Andrea our cat Lola and our two Golden Retrievers,  Poppy and Louie.Vitality2

The aim of this website is to hopefully provide you with an understanding of the benefits of Hypnotherapy, and provide a view of how and where it can be used to transform your life, removing any limiting beliefs and giving you the opportunity to enjoy increased wellbeing and an improved lifestyle.

My own experience of hypnotherapy started when I decided to use hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Having previously tried every conceivable product to give up cigarettes I was amazed at how quickly and easily smoking became a thing of the past following hypnotherapy. This experience led me down the road to become a professional hypnotherapist myself, and I’ve never been happier since making that decision.

If when reading through some of the information on this website you come to the conclusion there is something in your life you would like to improve, and hypnotherapy can give you the release you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact me on 07921 169 234.

Many thanks, relax and be well,


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