What have you put off to tomorrow ….

We’ve all heard this statement and we probably all do it at times.

Many things we put off might be trivial, but some may be significant or even life changing and yet we still put them off. Why do we do that and end up feeling annoyed or frustrated when we know we could greatly benefit from getting them done today?

Do you recognise the statements below?

 ’I’m annoyed with myself that I keep putting off writing that report for the boss (BEHAVIOUR) but the thought of pulling it all together (THOUGHT) feels daunting so I find other stuff to do instead (FEELING)


 ’I’m constantly frustrated that I can’t make the move to my ideal job (BEHAVIOUR) as the thought of taking the plunge  (THOUGHT) scares me to death (FEELING)


Are there things you want to be or do in life, but some part of you just seems to hold you back?

Maybe it’s the fear of failing that stops you from taking the next step, or perhaps it’s the influence of others around you, either now or in the past, that somehow convinces you that you would be better off not starting down that particular path.

The uncomfortable feeling that stops you from progressing an idea or plan is just that, a feeling that exists in your head. And those feelings are there because of the underlying thoughts and beliefs that your mind has attached to that idea or plan.

Whatever the reason, procrastination can be extremely annoying, frustrating and limiting.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if a potential world champion athlete never put on a pair of trainers because he or she thought ‘I will never be able to beat the kid next door’, or if a potential Nobel Prize winner never studied hard at school because he or she though ‘I’m just not clever enough to pass any exams’.

The good news is that through hypnotherapy the underlying cause can be understood and the limiting behaviour removed, freeing you to do what you really want to do and become the person you want to be.winner

So why live your life as a pawn when you could be a king?

Here is a real life example……

Tim suffered badly from procrastination for many years. He felt it was severely limiting both his professional career and his personal growth. Opportunities were passing him by and he wasn’t able to move his life forward in the desired direction.

After 1 hypnotherapy session it became clear that the underlying cause was a fear of failure ‘learned’ from a young age. To avoid failure Tim would stay well within his comfort zone and not take opportunities which he knew could positively change his life As a result Tim frequently felt frustrated and anxious.

This is how Tim felt in the weeks following that session:-

“After years of being affected with anxiety and it impacting my professional and personal life I was offered the opportunity of a session with John. The impact this has had on my life has been life changing. With situations happening since the therapy that would of thrown the old me into meltdown, I am now able to cope with anything that comes my way and the way I look at life and myself has completely changed.

If you have the chance or are having doubts about the service that John provides, then don’t! Take the leap of faith and start improving yourself now.

I can’t thank John enough for the improvement that he has made to me in such a short space of time after struggling on my own with it for years.” 

If you are interested in learning more about how you could be set free from your own limitations please contact me for a free consultation.

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