Hands up who’s feeling fed up

Do you frequently feel anxious or fed up, or are you constantly worried about anything and everything and are those worries affecting your behaviour?

Here is a real life example that a lot of people can relate to …

 ’I’m annoyed (FED UP) that I can’t go on holiday abroad (BEHAVIOUR) as the thought of flying (THOUGHT) scares me to death (FEELING)’ ….

This is a statement from a client … the underlying belief which fuelled this behaviour was something ‘learned’ from an early age and was quickly released through hypnotherapy. She recently enjoyed a fantastic holiday in Spain.

In today’s hectic and demanding world worry, nervousness and unease are becoming more and more a common, almost ‘everyday’ feeling.

But when you look at it, really get into it, that’s all it is, a feeling, a collection of electrical pulses whizzing around in your head.

Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and realise there isn’t an actual ‘weight on your shoulders’, or your feet have not actually become part of the ground when it feels like you’re ‘stuck and can’t move forward’, it’s not that the world is actually ‘falling apart ‘ but sometimes it just FEELS like all of that.

That feeling of being anxious, worried or just plain fed up, it’s just a feeling, in your mind, and because it’s in your mind you can take control of it, you can become the master, not the slave. You can decide what to do about it, or even decide to do nothing and just let it go.

So when you feel anxious or fed up, or your thoughts are holding you back, just remember, its just thoughts and feelings, and you can be in control of both when you understand the beliefs that sit behind them.

Hypnotherapy can help you tap into those thoughts and the feelings they create, to help you resolve any underlying problems, whether they stem from recent events, or lifelong issues,  giving you the freedom to live a fuller, more balanced and happier life.

So if you’re suffering from anxiety, worry or nervousness and would like to break free from the struggle then call John today on 07921 169 234 to arrange your free consultation.

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