Filters of the Mind

They say no two people are alike, and that’s not just a physical comparison. Everybody has their own view of the world and it’s because of this unique view that two different people can react to exactly the same situation in two very different ways. It doesn’t mean to say either reaction is either right or wrong, they are just different.

Let’s take a fairly common work situation where the pressure is on to deliver something to a tight deadline. One person may relish the challenge, and takes a calm and systematic approach to do what he or she can to make the deadline, enjoying every minute of it. Another person becomes anxious,  he / she starts to panic and frustration sets in as nothing seems to be progressing, then the fog of his / her mind starts to confuse resulting in more panic etc.

These two people see the same task at hand in two very different lights. Their individual views are a result of how their mind has filtered the world around them, one sees an enjoyable challenge whereas the other sees an opportunity to fail and the perceived unpleasant emotions associated with failure.

The filters of the mind are a set of rules or beliefs that have been built up over the years as a result of life experiences. They tell us how we believe we need to react to our immediate environment. There is no doubt, there is no inner dialogue, we just simply believe how we should react.

These beliefs can be both positive (relishing in challenges, optimistic about future unknowns, happy / excited to build new relationships etc) or limiting (fearful of challenges, weary of unknowns, withdrawn from relationships or society).

The good news is limiting beliefs can be changed to a more positive belief, or removed all together very gently and normally very quickly.

If you feel that life is getting away from you, or that there are limitations that you wish to be free of, then please get in touch and start enjoying a fearless life, without limitation.mind.jpg

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