Do you feel out of control

It happens to us all and is all part of how your mind tries to deal with everyday complex situations – by breaking them down to single ideas it needs to process.

Please indulge me and try this – (Read the next 5 paragraphs and then give it a try).

Grab a pencil or pen and hold it firmly, but not tightly between your thumb and index finger.

Hold it around 12 inches from your eyes and focus your attention on a single point of the pen or pencil. Don’t take your eyes off this point.

Now, silently in your mind say to yourself the words ‘Let Go, Let Go, Let Go’, in a continues loop, Let Go, Let Go, Let Go etc etc. Don’t allow any pause, any gap, any other thought to creep in and always keep your eyes focused on a single point on the pen or pencil. Allow your mind to be completely and totally focused on repeating these words to itself while continual focusing your eyes on that single point.

Do this for a few moments without any pause or gap, and when you’re in a constant rhythm try and open your fingers and let go of the pen or pencil. If you can keep focus of your eyes and mind as suggested above then you will find it very hard to actually open your fingers. You will find that this sate of prolonged absorption in a single idea causes your fingers to seem not to work.

Clear your mind, take a breath, stop thinking and allow your hand to ‘feel normal’ and the pen or pencil will drop.

Now there is nothing wrong with being completely focused on a single idea if its working in your favour, but the next time you find yourself seemingly overwhelmed, or feel ‘out of control’ just stop, take a step back, take a deep breath and relax. Clear your mind and move away from that all-consuming idea or thought that seems overwhelming and give yourself a break. After a few moments you will find you are able to re-assess and take back control.


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